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Start your own online store with LemonStand and sell your ebooks, videos, photos, digital art, music or graphic designs to anyone in the world.

LemonStand eCommerce Platform

  • Sell digital products and goods alongside physical products
  • Supports all types of digital downloads - from ebooks to designs
  • Build your own brand with a fully customizable store
  • 0% transaction fees! It’s your income, you keep it

sell books with LemonStand

Sell ebooks Online

Selling ebooks is a breeze with LemonStand. Unlike ebook marketplaces, like the Kindle store, LemonStand gives you full control over your website, ebook product page, and checkout, all without charging transaction fees.

Whether it’s a PDF, .mobi or .epub file, LemonStand lets you upload it to your online store and start selling it instantly to anyone in the world, through any device.

Want to sell physical books too? No problem! With LemonStand you can sell your physical books along with your digital books in the same store.

Sell photos on eCommerce platform - LemonStand

Sell Photos Online

As a photographer it’s tough to make money from your digital photographs. You submit them to multiple stock photo sites only to find that they’ve been buried under millions of other photos. If any of them sell, you only get paid after the stock sites have taken their share.

With a LemonStand store, all that changes. You can create your own beautiful portfolio site with seamless built-in eCommerce functionality. Visitors won’t just view your photos, they’ll purchase and download them too. The best part is, you get to keep all the money you make.

What’s more, you can also sell physical prints to those who want to hang your photos up on their walls. LemonStand makes it easy for you to manage digital and physical products at the same time.

Sell music and audio with LemonStand eCommerce platform

Sell Music Online

Did you know that iTunes takes 30% of your music sales? Sure, you get exposure on it, but you can’t make any real money. The scenario is worse when you look at other services like Spotify.

With a LemonStand store, you get to keep every penny of your hard-earned money. You can create your own custom website, build a worldwide fan following, and distribute music to them right from your site.

Do your fans crave physical CDs? Go vintage with LemonStand and sell CDs along with digital downloads. In fact, you can sell swag like t-shirts, hoodies and more, and bundle them with your music.